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The Bracket are now Posted!

 We are using Tourney Machine again this year for our scheduling and for posting results. You can access it through this link or by downloading the App and searching for Burnsville Blazin' Hot Hoops Tournament 2018. Nov 9-11th The rules for the tournament are posted below as well as attached to the tourney machine app and link. 


If you have any question or need any assistance please feel free to contact me at the information below.


Thank you and Good Luck to all the teams!!


Contact Carrie Westrum with any questions -- 612-961-2804 or btb.tournamentdirector@bacsports.org



Tournament Rules:


National Federation of High School Basketball Rule Book and MYAS regulations will be followed except as noted below:


NOTE: As a matter of courtesy and respect to the coaches and players playing a particular game, no other individuals will be allowed on the court during TIME-OUTS, BETWEEN HALVES OR GAMES. COACHES – PLEASE MAKE SURE PLAYERS ON YOUR TEAM ADHERE TO THIS RULE. Thank you!


All games may start up to (but no more than) fifteen minutes early, and will still be considered on time. If a team does not have 5 rostered players ready to start the game on time, that team will forfeit that game. (No grace period) All forfeits will be scored as 100-0 due to tie-breaker scenarios.  


  1. Game Times:
    • 4th and 5th Grade – 2 Halves - 20 Minute Running Time – Last 2 Minutes Stop (Unless a 20 point lead exists per rules below.)
    • 6th – 8th – 2 Halves - 14 Minute Stop Time (There will be running time in the last 7 minutes of the game when the difference in score is 20 points or greater. If the difference falls below 10, stop time will then be reinstated.)
  2. Halftime will be 3 minutes (Subject to less time to prevent subsequent game delays if deemed necessary by tournament officials)
  3. Time-outs will be 1 minute.  
  4. Each team is allowed 3 time-outs per game. Time-outs do not carry over into overtime. 
  5. Each team is allowed 1 time-out per overtime. (No timeouts in sudden death)
  6. The first overtime will be 2 minutes. The second overtime will be sudden death. The first team to score a free throw or a field goal will be the winner except for championship games. Championship games will utilize the full 2 minutes for each overtime needed. (No timeouts in sudden death)
  7. Technical Fouls- Automatic 2 pts and the ball.
  8. Players /Coaches receiving 2 technical fouls (over the course of the tournament) will be asked to leave the gym for the remainder of the weekend.
  9. At the fourth-grade level, only man to man defense is allowed. Man to man full court pressing is allowed the last 2 minutes of each half only.  
  10. All defenses and presses are allowed at 5th – 8th grade levels.
  11. No full-court presses are permitted by any team that is ahead by more than 20 points.
  12. Referees and/or tournament director will resolve all disputes as they happen. All decisions are final and may not be appealed.
  13. A minimum of 3 minutes will be allowed for warm-ups. Any team that is not present and ready to play at the start of the game (deemed by officials or TD) will forfeit (i.e. there is no grace period). A team must have 5 rostered players on the floor to start the game.
  14. There will be running time the last 7 minutes of any game when the difference in score is 20 points or greater. If the difference falls below 10, stop time will then be reinstated.
  15. The home team must supply a scorekeeper and must sit at scorer’s table. The home team is at the top of each bracket in bracket play and the first team listed in pool play.
  16. Tie-Breakers are as follows:  
    • Head to Head Record
    • Points given up (Due to this tie-breaker a forfeit will result in a 100-0 score)
    • Total points scored
    • Coin Flip